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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New Money...Just in Time for Christmas!

So, I don't talk about the business side of Isagenix very much on this blog. However, as a network marketing company, there definitely is one. When I first got started with Isagenix, I was purely interested in it for the products. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to get healthy. I wanted to feel better about myself. I wanted more energy. I am starting to get all of those things, and so much more! Amber told me that people would notice my weight loss and naturally be curious as to how I did it, so to keep an open mind about the possibility of selling the product. At that time, I just sort of shrugged it off. How could someone, who was so overweight, possibly sell people a health and wellness program? Well, people are certainly noticing and I'm more than happy to share with them. It turns out, you don't really have to SELL anything. All I do is share and people are naturally interested. I'm still not totally sure about the whole network marketing thing. I'm naturally a fairly shy person. I don't like to put myself out there. I worry that I come off as awkward and unsocial. I worry about being pushy. However, there truly is some REALLY good money to be made with Isagenix! I've signed four people up as associates. These are just people who have noticed the change in me and wanted a change in themselves. I feel blessed that I'm able to share with them a program that I truly believe in and has changed my life. With just those four people purchasing one month of products, I've made over $740! All I did was share my story with them, listen to their goals, help them figure out which products would be best for them, then helped them get their products for well below retail! I mean, how easy is that? Most of that money was from bonuses just for getting people started on the program!

A couple of days ago, there was a corporate leadership call with promises of big news. They certainly did deliver! Their compensation program, which was already the best there is, got even better!

I can't put it as eloquently as they can, so I'll copy and paste their article from

The New Money promotion, available October 22 through August 4, 2013, says “good-bye” to the Star Consultant rank and “hello” to two new exciting ranks; Manager and Director. For every new Consultant you create, whether you’re new enrollee or not, you’ll earn a $100 Consultant bonus!
Plus, our Crystal Fast Track will pile on the bonuses if you move fast while helping new Associates join Isagenix following our “You+Two and Them+2″ system for success. You could earn up to $4,650 in bonuses in 90 days!
Here’s how it works:
1. Get two people to join Isagenix on Autoship with 100 BV or more. (You+Two) = You Become a Consultant!
2. NEW! Teach them how to do the same so they get two people each (Them+2 (two new Consultants)) = You Become a Manager! Do it by November 22 or 30 days from the time you enroll and you’ll become a Crystal Manager!
3. NEW! Get a total of 6 personally enrolled Consultants on Autoship = You Become aDirector! Do it by January 21 or 90 days from the time that you enroll and you’ll become aCrystal Director!
4. Get a total of 10 personally enrolled Consultants on Autoship = You Become an Executive! Do it within your first six months and you’ll become a Crystal Executive!
Get all the details and discover how you can amp up your earnings and put yourself on the Crystal Fast Track; take a look at these resources:
Who doesn't like quick, relatively easy money? I know I sure do! lol I'm still not sure if I'm someone cut out for network marketing, but Isagenix sure does make it appealing!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Holy cow, weeks have gone by!

Life has just gotten in the way of blogging. I hate it when that happens! :)

I feel like I say the same thing every time...still chugging along. I cleansed Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. It was more difficult than usual. I'm not sure why. I just wanted to eat EVERYTHING. It doesn't help that I'm an awesome cook. ;) Everything just smells SO delicious. I was good, though! After my first day, I dreamed all night that I accidentally ate food, forgetting that I was cleansing. That never happened while I was awake, though. :D

As of this morning, I am 229 lbs, which is 4 lbs down from last week and 68 lbs down from June 28th! I'm pretty happy with those results.

I posted a facial comparison picture on Friends and Families, so I figured I would post it here as well. I look at that first photo and just cringe. How could I have let that happened? It honestly makes me want to cry. When I showed this comparison to my husband, he asked me, "Uh, so how many cameras are actually on you?" in reference to this clip from Friends:

Yeah, so he's not always the most sensitive of fellas. lol

So, here goes nothing: Before, 297 lbs. Current (Well, 4 lbs ago), 233

I still have a LONG way to go, but I'm getting there! 

I'm part of a group of people who all have the same goal: to lose at least 100 pounds by August of next year. Every Thursday, we do a group call where we check in, tell how things have gone since the last call, and ask any questions we may have of our coach. Today, our coach challenged us to do something. He challenged us to pick a date for when we would like to have lost 100 lbs, then to write out exactly how that day is going to go. So, here date is Christmas day, 2012.

It's December 25, 2012. I wake up to whispers and giggling outside of my door. I know all six of the kids are awake and probably have been for hours. They've already torn into their stockings, but are waiting, rather impatiently, for the clock to read 6:00 am because they know they can't wake us up before that time on Christmas morning. My alarm goes off at 6:00 am and they come barging through the door, "It's Christmas!" "It's 6am!" "Santa came!" "I got super cool stuff in my stocking!" I'm practically dragged downstairs. I want to check my weight because yesterday I was SO close to that 100 lb mark. However, I know that being with my family is the REASON I'm trying to lose this weight, so it will have to wait. 

Christmas Eve dinner the night before was surprisingly easy to refuse, I knew I wouldn't hit my goal if I ate it, so I had a shake while everyone else filled up on turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the amazing chocolate truffle that I made. I just KNOW that skipping that dinner will be SO worth it this morning. 

My children's moods are infectious. As they tear open their presents with HUGE goofy smiles on their faces, I find myself smiling, laughing and singing along with them. This perfect family moment has made me completely forget about my weight because THIS is what it's all about. THIS is why I'm doing what I'm doing. 

The kids have finished opening all of their presents and they're off to get dressed for the day and go over to Grandma's for breakfast. I take that time to sneak off to the scale. I step on the scale and wait while the numbers bounce around, waiting for it to settle on the right number. ONE HUNDRED NINETY FIVE!!!!  102 lbs GONE FOREVER!!! I'm ECSTATIC! I've done it! In just under six months, I've released 102 pounds! I frantically call my husband into the bathroom and he comes running, thinking something is terribly wrong. I'm squealing, I'm so excited! When I've finally calmed down enough to tell him what is going on, he scoops me up in his arms, gives me a huge hug and says, "I never had any doubt you would do it. I'm so proud of you."

The whole family piles into the car and drives off to Grandma's house, where that breakfast of biscuits and gravy (my FAVORITE!) has absolutely no power over me. There is NO stopping me!