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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September is coming to an end

September is almost over and I'm nowhere near my goal of 5000 swings this month! Boo, Katie. :( I have plenty of excuses, but none of them are very good. Plain and simple, I just didn't do enough. I did 760 swings this morning. That's practically 1/5 of the way to my total goal, so obviously, I had enough time! I do have to say though, that I'm pretty proud of myself. I may not have come anywhere near my goal (although, I still have four days left and if I did the same workout I did this morning, every day, I would almost reach my goal) but, I've gotten stronger. The workout I did this morning, I did a few weeks ago as well. I only made it through half of the workout before and I was DYING. I had to sit during rest periods. This time, I made it through the entire workout and paced back and forth during rest periods. I'm ridiculously proud of how far I've come in the last couple of weeks!

The past few days, I've been suffering from ocular migraines. Usually, for me, they are just a crescent shaped visual disturbance that looks like flickering zig zags. The last few days, however, they've included a rather significant blind spot right in the middle of my vision. In the past, they've lasted up to 48 hours, but thankfully, they've only been about 30 minutes at a time the past few days. However, they do lead up to a doozy of a headache! They've always been painless in the past. So, things seem to be progressing, which isn't a good thing when it comes to pain! lol I'll probably go see an opthalmologist soon just to rule out any issues. I'm concerned that, with the frequency I've been getting them, I'll get one while I'm driving, and well...driving when you have a huge blind spot right in front of you probably isn't a very good idea.

The scale is finally moving again!!! I think my body got used to the routine I was in and just decided it didn't want to go anywhere. It's been frustrating, to say the very least. I got down to 54 pounds lost, then bounced up to 48 pounds lost and hovered right around 50 pounds lost for several weeks. This past weekend, I was bad. I don't know what it was, but I was just craving terrible things! One night, I made garlic bread for dinner. I had far too much of that. Pasta with white sauce? Had that, too! I went to my mom's home for dinner on Sunday and had TWO hamburgers (no bun, just wrapped in lettuce) and a hotdog with saurcraut. I also had a cupcake, then another cupcake on Monday! Yikes! Oddly enough, I didn't gain any weight, and in fact, my weight is finally moving back down! Back to 54 pounds released as of this morning! Woohoo!  I guess my body just needed to be shaken up a bit. I don't advocate going off the deep end like I did, however, it seems to have worked for me, and now that I've had a weekend of going kinda crazy, I'm over it and ready to start back strong again. I don't usually feel deprived, so when I started to feel that way, I just allowed myself to have the things I really wanted and now I no longer want them so badly that I can taste it! lol I know that some people can't do bite and it's all downhill from there, and I was honestly very concerned that would be the case for me, but it doesn't seem to have been, so I'm thrilled with that!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello binge, my name is Katie.

I'm usually pretty good avoiding temptation. In fact, usually, it's pretty easy. I don't know what it was about tonight, but I totally faltered...and faltered BIG TIME! I made garlic bread for the family for dinner...then proceeded to eat THREE PIECES of it! Then, chocolate lava cakes for dessert and I had one of them. I have no idea why I did it. I can usually just not do it. Why did I do it? Can I blame it on AF being due soon? lol It's a little scary...I can see the beginning of where I usually start to fail coming on. First it's one thing, then it's another, then it's everything. I need to get this under control. I won't fail!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feeling GREAT!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, nor have I fallen of plan!  Usually, you can pretty much count on the fact that I've fallen off plan if I haven't blogged in a little while. (I start a new blog each time I seriously try to lose weight, and a couple of months in, I steadily write fewer and fewer posts until I just stop posting altogether because I've completely fallen off plan. You know, if I don't write it, it's not happening, right?  WRONG! The first sign of me faltering is not blogging. That's not the case this time! I've just been busy busy busy! I knew I HAD to write today because something INCREDIBLE happened today! I'll write about that at the end, though. ;)

So, I'm still chugging along. Shake for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, shake for dinner. I've been missing my Ionix Supreme. For some reason, I just can't wrap my head around drinking it first thing in the morning, then having my shake a little later. By the time I'm ready for my shake, I think, "Oh crap! I didn't take my Ionix Supreme!" and I don't want to wait even longer for my breakfast, so I skip it. I find it doesn't work nearly as well when I take it with my shake, so I don't want to waste what I have by not taking it at the optimal time, so I skip it entirely. I TOTALLY notice it, though! I have been stressed out a lot lately. I have reasons to be, but I really feel like I'm overreacting to everything, which wasn't happening when I was taking the Ionix Supreme regularly. I need to get better about that because I REALLY miss it!

I recently started taking the Ageless Essentials with Product B. It's Isagenix's line of vitamins with Product B, which is supposed to be absolutely amazing. I'm getting excellent nutrition from the shakes, but still really believe that supplementation is essential. They're fairly expensive, but when you think about what you're getting, they're a lot more affordable than buying all of those vitamins separately, especially for the quality you're getting!

Now we're getting to something I'm REALLY excited about!  I have a pretty messed up knee. It all started when I was around 12. I was just getting over the flu and noticed that my knee was hurting. I told my mom and she thought I must just still be sore from having the flu. A few months later and my knee was still hurting. My mom took me to the doctor, who, without taking ANY x-rays, told us that since I was a 12 year old, avid soccer player, I had Osgood Schlatter disease. I was told that it should resolve itself around the time I was 16. The pain was so bad that I quit soccer. Around the age of 16, I was playing around with my friends, seeing how high we could kick. I kicked, then had an intense pain in my knee, which caused me to collapse, in tears. Back to the doctor I went. This time, x rays were done and it was found that I didn't have as much cartilage in my knee as I should have and I probably dislocated my knee. Fast forward 17 years. I'm 33 now. I've dealt with, what I've come to find out, is my patella partially dislocating about once a month. It's usually not too bad. I can feel it slip out of place, but it usually goes right back into place with minimal damage and pain. This happening so often has caused the ligament on the inside of my right knee to become very stretched out, so it happens even more regularly. Every once in a while, it completely dislocates and doesn't go right back in. This is EXTREMELY painful and leaves me in a full leg brace for two months and pretty intense pain for at least six months. I have chronic knee pain. It never doesn't at least bother me. It doesn't always "hurt," but it NEVER feels like there is nothing wrong with it. My weight gain has just exacerbated the issue. It was bad supporting 137 lbs. It's AWFUL supporting 300!

I recently started taking Ageless Joint Support by Isagenix. I have taken a lot of different joint support pills in the past. Most are helpful, but I have yet to find one that takes away the pain completely...until now! I take six pills a day, three in the morning and three at night. The first few days, I noticed a difference. My knee wasn't hurting as much when I was walking. It was AWESOME! However, it was what I DIDN'T notice in the next week or so that has me jumping for joy! Drake asked me, "How is the joint support working? Do you notice a difference?" That's when I thought about it, yes I noticed a difference. The difference was that I DIDN'T notice the pain. My knee felt "NORMAL!" Seriously, it not only doesn't hurt, it doesn't even bother me! I can sit and think about it and not feel any difference from my left knee, which has no injury. This is the first time since I was 12 years old that my knee isn't noticeably bothersome. I nearly cried when I came to that realization. I can't even begin to explain the joy of being out of chronic pain for the first time in 21 years. My knee still starts to bother me when I'm exercising or have been walking for a while, but just sitting? No pain at all!

Now, onto my most exciting news of the day! (Okay, so it might not be as exciting as being pain free for once in my life, but I was pretty dang excited and it's the reason I sat down to blog today!) Do you remember how I mentioned that I used to DRIVE to pick my daughter up from school, which is only two blocks away from my home? How when I used to walk, I would be sweating and huffing and puffing by the time I got there? How excited I was that now I can walk there and back without feeling absolutely awful? Today, when I picked my kindergartener up from school, she wanted to "race home." She often does this and I usually tell her, "I'm wearing flip flops! I can't run! You run ahead and stop at the corner and when I catch up to you, we'll cross the street." The truth is, I can't run. I'm too big to run. I run a few steps and am tired and out of breath. She, at five years old, is quite a bit faster than me and certainly has more endurance. In the past, when I've "run" on the treadmill, I feel like I'm running, but I'm honestly only moving as quickly as normal people walk. It's pathetic. Today, when she told me, "I'll race you home!" I told her, "Okay!" and took off jogging. I did it. I jogged. I was faster than my five year old. Not only that, but she told me, "STOP! I can't keep up with you! I'm tired!" I picked her up and spun her around. I haven't been that happy in a REALLY long time. It's such a tiny thing, but it was HUGE for me. I'm honestly in tears right now because I can see my life turning around. For the first time in SO many years, I feel myself changing and it's incredible!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's been a little while

Almost a week and no new posts? I must be off my game! lol

Things are still chugging along. I'm still drinking my shakes, having my lunch, enjoying life and losing weight! I feel great. I have an amazing amount of energy. I think my lack of posts is just because there hasn't been anything new to report. lol

Well, that's a bit of a lie. This week, I started the Bedtime Belly Buster. It's one scoop of IsaPro (protein powder) with one scoop of IsaCalcium (calcium powder, duh) mixed with about 5 ounces of water. It tastes kinda like Strawberry Quick, but with a bit of an after taste. Not the best tasting drink, but certainly not the worst. It's supposed to help you sleep and shrink your belly at the same time. Awesome!

The results were awesome...and not so awesome. I woke up in the middle of the night and ended up having to run to the bathroom. I spent the next hour or so, back and forth to the bathroom. So much for helping me sleep better. You can't exactly sleep very well when you're running to the bathroom every few minutes! Something about it just didn't agree with me. The next morning...TA DA! 1 1/2 inches off of my belly! I tried it again the next night. Again, didn't agree with my stomach, but not as bad. The next night, everything was fine and dandy! I'm not sure that I'll order these products again, but it was interesting to try. I have a month's supply, so I'll finish out the month and see how things are going from there!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mental note to self...

Mental note to self: When having a salad for lunch, make sure you get your dressing on the side. I went out to lunch today with my amazing coach, Amber. We went to a really great place called Plutos. The salads were HUGE, and really good. However, I was shocked how much dressing they put on them! Lesson definitely learned. It was still delicious. lol

I'm still hovering around 247-251 right now. I would really like to get firmly into the 240's. I'm hoping the two day deep cleanse I'm starting tonight will get me there!

Amber told me today that I am one of the most disciplined clients she has. I had to remind her that you don't get to be 300 pounds by being disciplined. lol Isagenix just makes it super easy for me. Add to that, seeing the huge results and I have no desire to fail. Yes, I get hungry at times (although I'm learning how to eat and snack so I am not). Yes, I'm tempted by bacon and ice cream and salted caramel and french fries. However, seeing how far I've come makes it seem so ridiculous to sabotage myself with those things. I'd so much rather keep going than go backwards. I know that sounds simplistic and perhaps, that's because it is. However, I've dieted before and failed miserably. I've even had really good results, and still failed.  So, it's not usually that easy to say, "I'm getting these amazing results, I'll never go back." In fact, before Isagenix, I've NEVER felt that way. I knew all along I would eventually give up and gain it back. I knew it was just a diet and that I would "fall off the wagon" and go back to where I was. Not for a moment, since I started getting results, have I felt that way with Isagenix.  It's amazingly empowering to KNOW you're going to succeed. It makes it easier to be disciplined. Perhaps I was just sabotaging myself from the beginning with a self defeating attitude. I think the biggest difference between now and then is that now, I feel great. I don't feel deprived. I have incredible energy. Before, I was tired. I was unhappy. I was stressed out about my weight loss or lack thereof. I didn't FEEL good while losing the weight. I felt like it was a chore and an insurmountable obstacle. I'm about 1/3 of the way to my goal. How awesome is that? I feel amazing. I am exercising. I'm just happy.  Happier than I have been in a REALLY long time. I believe THAT is the big difference with Isagenix. It isn't about losing the weight. It's about getting healthy and happy.