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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cleanse Day #2!

Today is day 10 since recommitting to Isagenix. Tomorrow is weigh day! Of course, if you've ever read my blog, you know I weigh like fifteen bajillion times a day, so I do have an inkling as to what the scale is going to say tomorrow. ;)

Tomorrow I also start back up with weekly calls with a group of people on Isagenix that are all trying to lose at least 100 pounds. Those calls were vital to my success the last time I lost a bunch of weight. It was really helpful having to be accountable every week. Each person reports how much weight they have released in the last week. It sucks to be the person who says they gained weight. So, it's a good push to stay on track. It was the same when I was going to Weight Watchers before. Knowing that I would be stepping on that scale every Saturday morning and someone else was going to see whether I was doing well or not kept me wanting to move in the right direction. However, like blogging, I tend to just disappear when I'm not doing well, rather than admit that I backslid. I'm going to try to avoid doing that, though.

I'm feeling good about these cleanse days. I've tried cleansing in the past since I started backsliding and I was never able to complete even a single day. Now, the two days are no big deal again. I think it's all in my mindset. Before, I was cleansing because I felt like I needed to do something because I was so out of control. The problem with being out of control is that you still don't have the control to control things. I feel in control now and it's so much easier to control my thoughts and actions on cleanse days. Do I like going two days in a row without solid food? Not really. However, I don't feel ravenous and don't feel like it's a chore. Now, it's just what I do to improve my health. It's amazing what changing your mindset can do for you!

My eldest daughter is home sick again today. She is always sick. I hate it. I'm thinking of doing a complete overhaul on the way my family eats this summer to see if that will help her. I'm thinking of going more the paleo route. We'll see how that goes over. I just need to find something that will help her get healthy. It breaks my heart to see her so sick and tired all the time.

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