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Monday, March 11, 2013

Up and Down and Up and Down

Yesterday was weigh day. Up a pound from last week. UGH! It's not like I'm surprised, just disappointed in myself. I seem to be getting things back in control, but am still having trouble with snacking. I made myself a nice lunch of salad and chicken the other day, ate that...then ate a piece of pizza that my family was having. I told my husband I didn't want a berry sundae from Costco, then ate almost half of his. I had a shake this morning, then ate two graham crackers (little devil pieces of carby goodness!). I think you get the idea. I keep making justifications, "I'm eating it in the morning, so I have all day to burn it off," "It's just one, I'll just eat a smaller piece of chicken to make up for it," "I'm usually under my calories anyways, I'll just consider this a snack..." and so on and so forth. NO MORE EXCUSES! I just need to buckle down and do it. My weight isn't going anywhere. My inches aren't going anywhere. I'm stuck and it's entirely of my own doing. I can't say I'm on a plateau because that would suggest I'm doing everything right and just not losing weight. I'm just not doing things right at the moment.

I'm happy to say that I'm no longer sore from my workout with my personal trainer. Of course, that was almost a week ago, so I would hope so! lol My goal is to release SIX pounds this week. I'm aiming high, hoping that will keep me accountable. That will put me in ONEDERLAND! Forget the graham crackers and cookie this morning. (What, I didn't mention the cookie? Oh wait...cookies. Ugh.)

Back to the gym today. Back in the saddle. Goodbye six pounds. Goodbye 200's!

1 comment:

  1. You've got this, Katie! Think of how far you have come! You do not want to go back there and I am SO jealous of you almost being in ONEDERLAND!