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Monday, May 27, 2013

Harder Than I Thought

Boy did I pick a bad month to be good!  Lol  Saturday was my husband's birthday and my daughter's birthday party. Eggs benedict for breakfast ( for the family...a shake for me), then we BBQed and swam. I had my husband grill me up a chicken breast and a portobello mushroom. I ate the mushroom like a burger with a lettuce bun. I'm trying to stay away from red meat, but did end up eating half a burger patty. Can I call that not really cheating because I stayed within my calories and haven't said absolutely no red meat? I have to say that I have been tempted to cheat and just not blog about it, but I haven't! Go me!

I wanted to do something with my husband for his birthday that was semi affordable. I found it difficult to think of anything that didn't involve food! We ended up just enjoying a nice night in.

Sunda I had a fireside at church that I am played the piano for. I was totally stressed out about it. I wanted to gorge on all of my usual stress comfort foods, but I didn't! It's really eye opening being on this no cheat challenge. You never really realize how much of an emotional eater you are until you can't rely on foods during emotional times. I had a double shot of Ionix Supreme to help get me through! I also had to bring five dozen cookies and not touch a single one of them. Of course, there were SO many goodies after the fireside as well. I just drank a lot of water.

I wasn't going to weigh in until I had a week of the challenge under my belt, but I did sneek apeak this morning. I'm not disappointed, that's for sure! I'll give an official weigh in on Thursday morning after my two day cleanse!

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