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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So, I guess I had better set some goals. I'm not positive of my weight right now, but I'm guessing around 304. Did I really just say that? Ugh. A lot of scales flip at 300. Pathetic. However, it is what it is and at least I'm trying to do something to change that! When I find out my actual weight, I will do an updated post with goals based on my actual weight.

 I hate to give myself specific dates that I would like to reach goals by because I know from experience that if I don't hit those dates, I get really down on myself and when I get really down on myself, I eat. So, I'm not going to give dates. I'm just going to give weights and how I plan on rewarding myself for each accomplished goal!

Update 6/28: I bought a scale and weighed myself. Starting weight is officially 297

300: Where I plan to start my percentage awards from
Under 300: No reward, just want to be there soon (Woohoo, already there!)
First 10 lbs (294 287): An extra bottle of Isagenix Cleanse so I can do three two days cleanses this month instead of two
10% of my body weight (270): Haircut
50 lbs lost (254 247): New dress (although, if I've lost 50 pounds, I'll probably need one before this!)
25% of my body weight(225): Hike with my family
100 lbs lost (204 197):  Hire a personal trainer
Under 200: (No longer needed because 100 pounds lost is under 200 now that I know my starting weight)
Least I've weighed while actively losing weight (182):Go kayaking with my husband
50% of my body weight(150): Disneyland
GOAL! (134): Trip to NYC with my husband

 Wow, it's a lot more difficult coming up with rewards than I thought it would be! Everything I could think of revolved around food: Dinner out with my husband, take my mom out to dinner, girls weekend with Tracey (which always has a ton of food involved!)...and so on and so forth. I've also decided that for every pound I lose, I'm going to put away $5, so when I need new clothes, I'll have the money to buy them!

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