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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Isagenix Event

Today, I went and supported my coach at an Isagenix event that she threw. It was mainly for the business side of things, which as of right now, I'm not really interested in. Yes, it would be nice to make some extra money, but I don't think I'm at the right place to say, "Hey, I've been doing this for three days and I feel great, you should shell out $400 a month and do it, too!" when I'm still so overweight. Amber is perfect for it. She's fit, she's healthy, she's cute, she's's a great fit for her. For me, not so much right now. Who knows where things may go in the future. I imagine, when I start losing a noticable amount of weight, people will start asking what I'm doing and I'll be more than happy to share, but I'll probably just send them Amber's way. I don't know that I'm ready/willing to commit to a business.

There were some excellent speakers there. One was Michael Clouse. He is a friend of Amber's, so we were able to go out to lunch with him after the event and pick his brain. He is very charismatic, great at what he does and a wealth of knowledge and information.

Oh, by the way, I did really well at lunch! We went to an Italian restaurant, which, of course, had my FAVORITE...bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. I may have been drooling a little bit. I didn't have any bread, then had salmon on a bed of spinach. I asked for my dressing for the spinach on the side, but they didn't do it that way and the spinach came drenched in dressing, so I only ate some of it. I drank so much water today I was practically floating!

Tomorrow is my first cleanse day. I'm a little nervous! It's also my daughter's birthday party, with macaroni and cheese, meatballs, rootbeer floats, etc. I may cry a little. lol

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