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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Look what came today!

My 30 day supply plus IsaDelights (chocolates!) and a little sampler package that included a fiber bar, cookie, Want More Energy stick, Greens stick and a lemon meal replacement bar.

So, I think Friday is going to be Day 1 for me. That way I will have my cleanse days on Sunday and Monday. I figure that I will be at church the majority of the day on Sunday and Mondays are pretty easy going for me, so those seem like good cleanse days for now. Although, Sunday is my daughter's birthday party, so that may be a challenge. I'm going to be good!

Now, off to call my coach and let her know it's all here! She says she wants to come over and take measurements and pictures before I get started. Ugh. I do my best to be behind the camera at all times, not in front of it. I plan on having one heck of an after shot, though!

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