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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

SO glad to be back in the gym!

I never seem to tire from writing about the gym, do I? Sorry about that...okay, not really. (Or, as my teenage daughter would write, #sorrynotsorry)

I SO badly did NOT want to go to the gym today! I was planning on cleansing, which meant no gym, right? I realized it was too soon to cleanse and since I'm meeting with my trainer tomorrow, couldn't cleanse tomorrow and really only like to do two day cleanses, so I decided not to cleanse. I got a new bed yesterday and need to clean my room/rearrange furniture/move out old bed/etc., so that was good enough of a workout for today, right?  I forgot to drink my E+ energy shot, so I went home after dropping my husband off at work, when I usually go straight to the gym, to get it. I sat at the computer. I found out that my best friend is having a book signing in Hollywood next month, so I decided to figure out if there was a way I could make it to that. That was about 20 minutes spent on the computer. That didn't leave as much time for the gym as I usually like to give myself. Excuse after excuse after excuse. I REALLY didn't want to go. I told myself off and went! I'm SO glad I did! Ten miles on the recumbent bike, 5k on the ergometer (with a personal best for time...which isn't that difficult because I've only done it twice, haha!) and 20 reps front and 20 reps on each side on this thing:
The one at my gym doesn't have handles, though. It's kind of awesome. I'm really trying to work on my lower back because I tend to have a lot of pain in that area. I figure if I strengthen the muscles, the pain should lessen. Plus, you can just hang upside down on this thing and it's an awesome stretch for your lower back!

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