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Monday, August 6, 2012

Mother in Law visit and camping!

My mother in law is here visiting from Hawaii. She arrived on Thursday (today is Sunday..well, technically Monday because it's 12:32 am, but whatever). She definitely noticed my weight loss! We talked about Isagenix and she looked over my shake ingredients (she's a nurse and my father in law is really into holistic health) and said that it looks like a wonderful product and it has obviously been working for me. I then told her a bit about the cleansing and she said that she thinks it is great because she believes that fasting is really important and so good for you. I was really concerned what she would think of Isagenix because she and my father in law are SO into health and wellness. I breathed a sigh of relief to hear her say what a wonderful program it seemed to be.

We went camping this weekend. Normally, my family eats really, whole foods, no candy, no sugary drinks, etc. However, there are five times I let that go...Easter, your birthday, Halloween, Christmas and CAMPING.  So, I loaded up on chips, Rice Crispy Treats, Goldfish, S'mores stuff, peanut butter cups, etc. I would usually be enjoying all of that right along with my kids. This time, however, I watched my children binge on things they never get and I didn't even really want it! (Okay, I'll admit to eating a peanut butter cup, but as usual, the taste wasn't even worth it...I should really stop thinking it will be. lol) While camping, I still make organic, whole foods for all three meals. I feel like I spend the majority of my time cooking, but that's okay because I know I'm doing what is best for my children. I made big, hearty breakfasts to get them through the day, of sausage, eggs, hashbrowns and lots of fruit. I had a shake. I made a proscuitto, mozzarella and basil sandwich lunch, and had chicken, mushrooms and asparagus. I made pesto chicken and pesto new potatoes with leeks, artichoke hearts and peas for dinner, and had a shake. My mother in law kept saying that she felt bad eating in front of me and having me cook these amazing meals, only to not be able to eat them myself. I assured her it was fine and it didn't bother me. Oddly enough, I was being truthful. I keep expecting to resent drinking a shake while everyone chows down on food I spent hours preparing and love to eat. However, I can watch them eat it, be happy that they're enjoying the food that I prepared, and fully enjoy drinking my shake. I don't resent not being able to eat it. I keep waiting for it to, but it doesn't.

As my family ate pizza (from my favorite local pizza place!) tonight, my mother in law asked my husband if he felt bad eating in front of me when I can't have the foods they're eating and if he felt like he should hide from me while he ate. He said, "If I had to hide while I ate, Katie would not be following this plan." I think he meant it from a purely selfish standpoint because he doesn't want to have to change the way he is with food just because I'm on a "diet." If he wants to eat ice cream, he'll buy ice cream. Then, he'll eat the ice cream in front of me. If he wants a burger, he'll get a burger, and not think twice about eating it in front of me. If he wants brownies, he'll ask me to make him brownies, then proceed to eat them in front of me. He doesn't feel as though my "diet" should impact his "diet." He may have meant what he said for selfish reasons, but in reality, he's absolutely right and it's the most helpful thing he can do. It's not "real life" for my husband to not eat the things he enjoys. It's not "real life" for me to not be around foods that I shouldn't eat. It's easy to stay away from "bad" things when they're never around you. If no one in your house ate anything but lean meats, fruits, vegetables and a few nuts all day in front of you, you'd get used to eating that way and it wouldn't be difficult. However, once you're off your "diet" and your family goes back to eating what they normally do, or at least not hiding the other stuff from you, and you go out with your friends who are ordering fast food or chowing down on a huge steak, slathered in butter and a loaded baked potatoes, it's going to suddenly get REALLY difficult to stay away from those things. If, however, it's always been around you and continues to be around you, but you find the will power to not partake of it yourself, THAT'S when it becomes a lifestyle rather than a diet. It's when you learn from the beginning to just say no to those foods and eat your 3 oz of chicken and huge salad when your husband is eating a filet mignon and lobster tail slathered in butter, that you succeed on a "diet." You can lose all of the weight in the world, but if you don't learn how to eat properly and how to be okay with not eating the things that you shouldn't be eating, you're going to gain all of the weight back after you go off of your diet. So, while he may not realize it, my husband is my biggest support and biggest enabler all at the same time and I love him for it.

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