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Thursday, July 5, 2012

2nd Post in a row, I know

I didn't want to just add this to my last post because it was getting so long and is a completely different subject anyways.

Today, on the Isagenix Accountability page on Facebook, someone posted this:
How do I join the Isagenix 100 Pound Club?After reaching a loss of 100 pounds or more with the use of Isagenix products the member, enrolling sponsor or up line executive may email for more details.

What are the Benefits of joining the Isagenix 100 Pound Club?Benefits include complimentary registration to Celebration (non-transferrable, upon confirming your enrollment), on-stage recognition during Celebration and an invitation for you and a guest to the Founder's Gala, VIP seating during Celebration and a special recognition reception. In addition you will be featured on the Isagenix Wall of Fame, located in our World Headquarters and have the opportunity to be featured as "Success Story" on and future Isagenix events.
 Complimentary registration to Celebration, you say? VIP seating, you say? I'm in! This year's Celebration is next month. It's about $200/ticket right now, going up to $300/ticket soon. Celebration is Isagenix's big annual...well...celebration! I don't really have a reason to go this year. I've just started. I'm not selling the product. It sounds like fun, but I'm not a huge, "GO ISAGENIX! YAY!" kind of person at the moment. However, it does sound like a lot of fun.

So, I'm officially writing out my goal. My goal is to get a free ticket to next year's Celebration by joining the 100 Pound Club by the time of the event. So, a little over a year to lose 100 pounds. That's a really big number, but I'm starting to realize I am beginning to have more and more motivation and believe that I can do it more and more each day.

With everything that happened yesterday, I totally missed the free shipping coupon for Isagenix. However, since I have reached my first goal, I gave myself permission to go ahead and order an extra bottle of Cleanse for Life...even with the $9 shipping! Yikes!

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