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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Putting Day 2 to Bed

Today was cleanse day 2! It was quite a bit easier than day 1. Neither day did I feel like it was going to be impossible to continue or that the temptation was too strong, which was nice. I do have a couple of meatballs from the party stashed away in the fridge, though. lol

I'm feeling good. No lack of energy, no terrible hunger pangs. I did have an IsaDelight (a milk chocolate one) today. It was really good! I made sure to have it at least an hour and a half after my IsaSnacks and 1/2 hour before my next cleanse drink. It felt nice to actually enjoy something today. I've decided to take the IsaDelights off of my autoship order. I just don't foresee going through thirty of them in thirty days! If that changes, I can always add it back, though. On the fourth of July, they're having free shipping, so I'm going to order my extra bottle of Cleanse for Life that day since I want to do three deep cleanses (two days cleanses) a month instead of two, which is what the 30 day system gives you supplies for.

I also changed my Ionix Supreme with my next order to the powdered version. That liquid version is hard to get down! Hopefully the powdered will be better. I've gone ahead and added the extra Cleanse for Life to my autoship so I can do the three deep cleanses every month without having to pay extra shipping for the third bottle. Instead of a third bottle, though, I'm getting 16 little bottles, just in case I'm ever out and about on a cleanse day and need to have one handy!

I'm going to see Amber on Friday. We're going to take new measurements and just go over how the week went for me. She also wants me to join the IsaBody Challenge, which means new pictures. Ugh! She has asked me not to step on the scale until Friday, which I'm going to try my hardest not to do. I'll give you a little insider information, though. When I stepped on the scale tonight (my no scale 'til Friday is starting tomorrow..I swear!) I was at 287...TEN POUNDS IN FIVE DAYS!!! Awesome!

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