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Friday, July 27, 2012

Isagenix Party Last Night

Last night, I went to an Isagenix party at my friend's home. With Isagenix, you don't really have to do parties, but I think they can be helpful when you are trying to get your business started. Anyways, while at the party, my friend asked me to share my experience on Isagenix. With only 28 days on the program, do I really have a story to share? Yes, my weight loss has been incredible, but it's only been 28 days. I'm not someone who can say, "I may be 125 pounds now, but I used to weight 297 and it was all thanks to Isagenix that I am where I am now." I'm still 271 pounds (as of this morning! YAY!). Who is going to listen to me? Who is going to look at me and think, "WOW! I need to do what she is doing!" Even with losing 26 pounds, I'm still morbidly obese. I still look gross. I'm still at a point that most people can't even imagine being at.

So, for my "story," I tried to focus on how the products made me feel, rather than the weight loss. I told about how I play with my kids more, how even they are noticing a difference in the way that I act. I told them I go swimming. I told them that, in general, I just feel better and that while the weight loss is a great side benefit, it's really about how I feel. I also made sure to mention that even though I wasn't seeing the scale go down, I was amazed at how many inches I had lost, because I know that number on the scale really gets to people. It was really starting to affect me. I mean, I could maintain my weight by eating McDonalds and ice cream and candy bars and chips. Why was I drinking these shakes and only eating one a meal a day to do the same thing? What got me through the scale not budging was really how I was feeling. I'm not napping during the day anymore. I'm not asking my children to go get me something in the other room because I'm too tired and lazy to get up and get it myself. THAT was how I was feeling eating McDonalds, ice cream, candy bars and chips. I was miserable. I'm not saying that I'm bursting with energy, running around the block or anything now, but I'm up. I'm awake. I'm playing with my kids. I'm swimming with my husband. I'm living.

I guess I really do have a story to tell after only 28 days.

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