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Saturday, July 14, 2012

This is why I'm not supposed to step on the scale

I became scale obsessed again. Every time I'm in the bathroom (which is a LOT with how much water I'm drinking!) I step on the scale. That dang scale hasn't budged since Tuesday! It's SATURDAY!!! Seriously, I maintained my terrible weight eating crap that tasted DELICIOUS. Why am I doing this if the scale doesn't even budge? In fact, it even went UP a couple of times.

I do feel better. I'll give you that. I'm happier, I'm more calm, I'm less lazy. All good things. I really want that scale to move, though. :(

Granted, the cheese tortellini with pesto I had for lunch today probably didn't help.  That brings me to another thing. How on earth do you get enough calories eating rabbit food? Seriously. I'm supposed to eat 1200 calories a day. The shakes are 240. So, two of those are 480. My lunch is supposed to be 400-600 calories. Do you know how many vegetables make up 600 calories? Even with chicken breast and dressing, my HUGE salads only amount to about 240 calories. What else am I supposed to eat? For a snack the other day, I had two cucumbers with some ume vinegar and sea salt on them. Do you know how many calories are in a cucumber? I think it was 18. Woohoo, 36 calories for my snack. That totally helps. So, 240 for three meals plus two snacks of 36 calories? 792 calories if my quick math is right. (If it's not, don't worry about's still not 1200!) I'm not supposed to eat anything unhealthy, but I can eat rabbit food until I'm about to puke and still not hit my calorie goal. I did have a hard boiled egg today, which is supposed to be okay. Those are about 80 calories. Woohoo, 80 more calories, I'm getting up there! I can't not hit my calorie goal because if you don't eat enough, your body tells itself to store everything because it's starving.


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