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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 1 of Cleanse 3

So, back on a deep cleanse! Hopefully this will kick my little plateau's butt. I'm only a couple of weeks in. There's no reason my weight loss should have stopped. I'm still exactly where I was a week ago. Frustrating. I'm just going to push through and hope the "whoosh" fair pays me a visit. I'm not sure if the "whoosh" fairy is something that my friend made up, or something she heard from someone else, but the whoosh fairy is the magical little fairy that shows up in the middle of the night and magically makes five pounds disappear. She usually comes after you haven't lost any weight in a while. "Whoosh" is the sound of all of those pounds flying away with her. Silly, I know.

Today is my son's ninth birthday. Pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast. Man, I love breakfast. Being a cleanse day though, actually makes it easier. Otherwise, I might be tempted to take just a little nibble of each. Not eating at all makes not making small bad choices much easier!

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