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Thursday, July 5, 2012

CRAZY day yesterday!

Yesterday was the fourth of July. I was hosting my family for dinner, swimming and fireworks. Of course, that means something bad will happen!

My girls (ages 13 and 12) are house sitting for some people while they're away on vacation. They have an older lab that my girls feed and walk. Yesterday, I suggested the girls take our dog with them and walk the dogs together. This has NEVER been a problem before. Suddenly, my husband gets a phone call from my daughter, who is screaming and sobbing that our dog is bleeding and his head and face is completely covered in blood. They are running home, blood flying everywhere as the dog runs. We get him into the yard and finally get it out of them that the dog they are watching bit him and they have no idea where the blood is coming from. We cleaned him off and find about a 1cm tear on his ear. It's not a big deal at all, but man, that sucker was BLEEDING. I applied pressure for over an hour, then when it wouldn't stop bleeding, called our vet. Of course, it's the 4th of July, so they're closed. I REALLY didn't want to take him to the emergency vet...can you imagine how much an emergency vet costs on a holiday? Yeah, I wanted to avoid that. Three hours of pressure later and the bleeding hadn't let up. As long as there was pressure, it was fine. Let go, and it was flowing. Keep in mind, I'm supposed to be cooking this entire time! So, off to the emergency vet we went.

I dropped my husband and our dog off at the vet and got home to cook. I took care of my daughters, who were SO upset because they felt like it was their fault that our dog got hurt because they were in charge of the dogs and they should have noticed that something bad was going to happen. One was just sobbing because she was the one who was holding our dog on a leash when it happened. I cleaned myself up (I was absolutely covered in blood :( ) then I got started on the food. My husband got home with our dog, who was  all bandaged up, and I continued with the food. About an hour after Odin (our dog) was home, he shook his head, his ear came out of his bandage, and blood went flying everywhere. Back to the emergency vet! We got him rebandaged and came back home. By the time we got home, all of our guests had arrived, but that was okay, because I had managed to get the food ready before I left! Yay!

Okay, so there really is a weight loss aspect to all of this. Yesterday, to say the least, was CRAZY. I took my Ionix Supreme in the morning before all of this had started. My original plan was a shake for breakfast, to have most of the food ready by 2 and my husband was going to cook tri tip on the bbq for lunch. With all that happened, that didn't happen. So, my plan for lunch was shot. The beauty of Isagenix is that you can choose to have your meal for lunch or dinner. Lunch is optimal, but dinner is acceptable. So, when I got back from the emergency vet, when normally I probably wouldn't have eaten lunch at all, I was able to have a shake. I decided that I was going to need to run full force to get dinner prepared in time, so I mixed some Want More Energy into my shake. It tasted like a dreamcicle! YUMMY! (Vanilla shake with a serving of orange Want More Energy)

Now, here's where I don't know who to credit for this miracle. Amber (my Isagenix coach) swears by the Ionix Supreme for controlling stress. It has adaptogens in it, which are supposed to help physiologically as well as psychologically. Now, there are two things you should know about me:

1. I don't deal well with blood. It's not that it makes me queasy, it's just that I totally freak out when I see a significant amount of blood, especially if it's coming from one of my children. I'm completely useless. Thankfully, my husband has always been around when any of our children have been severely hurt because I just cannot handle it. He usually has to yell at me to go away because I'm screaming and sobbing and making things worse. With six kids, you'd think I could handle it by now, but I can't. I become a hysterical mess.

2. I HATE being late. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. I don't mind when others are late, but I refuse to be late myself.

So, yesterday I was dealing with two of my biggest issues, a ton of blood from someone I love and running behind when I'm expecting company. When my daughters told us the dog was completely covered in blood, honestly, I was ready to be useless. I was ready for a freak out. When they got home, yes, he was completely covered in blood. However, I just went into action mode. I took him into our yard, cleaned him off, found the area that was hurt, ran to grab rags to apply pressure, looked up how to care for a bleeding dog ear, then sat there with him for hours, getting blood all over me and the yard. All this time, knowing that I needed to be cooking, but being okay with the fact that dinner was going to be late. When the decision came to take him to the emergency vet, I was prepared to be stressing out about how much it was going to cost. However, I was just okay with it.

When I came home and had to start cooking five hours later than I had planned on starting, I expected to be in a mad rush. When I left my husband at the vet, the last thing he said to me was, "Don't freak out. Just do what you need to do, don't rush so much that it causes even more problems. Dinner can be late. Everyone will understand." He knows me so well. He knows that when I'm running late, I freak out. He knows I rush. He knows that usually leads to bigger problems, like food burning, or dropping entire dishes of food. Usually, it doesn't matter, I'm so stressed that I rush anyways. This time, I got home and just calmly did everything I needed to do. Yes, I had to cut out two dishes, but not only was everything ready on time, but as usual, we had way too much food anyways!

So, do I thank the Ionix Supreme for that? I don't really know, but what I do know is that not a single part of yesterday had me stressed out, when usually, I would have been in tears several times during a day like that, and dinner wouldn't have been ready on time because I would have messed something up in my rush to get everything done. The only difference in my life right now is Isagenix. You be the judge.

Oh, and my dinner was delicious and I think I managed to stay between my 400-600 calories!

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